Sunday, August 29, 2010

Did Dr Robert R Cargill Go Behind Norman Golb's Back?

On June 3, 2009, an e-mail was sent from the University of Chicago's Office of Legal Counsel.  It was written by Russel J Herron of the Office of Legal Counsel to Robert Cargill.  This was in response to an e-mail of June 1, 2009 from Robert Cargill to professor Gil Stein, Director of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago.  In that e-mail, Robert Cargill asked Professor Stein to remove Professor Golb's article: 'The so-called "Virtual Reality Tour" at the 2007 San Diego Scrolls Exhibit' from Professor Golb's web page on the University's web site.

Now without getting into the detail of why Cargill wanted to remove this article, Cargill's behaviour as an academic, was disgraceful.  It appears that Cargill did not first communicate with Norman Golb about Golb's Article, as an academic should, but went behind his back to Professor Gil Stein. He also sent what appears to be a similar e-mail, dated June 2, 2009 to Professor Theo van den Hout of the Oriental Institute, again ignoring Norman Golb.

The e-mail dated June 3, 2009 from the Office of Legal Counsel, is addressed to Robert Cargill.  It opens: Dear Mr Cargill.  This leaves me wondering exactly when did Robert Cargill receive his Ph.d, a date that is notably absent from here  In fact it appears that Dr Cargill always has had a Ph.d. laughably even from birth, and from when he accepted the J. P. Sanders Ministerial scholarship to attend Pepperdine University, and when he travelled extensively through Europe, Central and South America, and the Middle East.  Its a way of speaking, but it is not the truth. If the Office of Legal Counsel is correct, Robert Cargill did not have a Ph.d as at June 3 2009.