Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Raphael, you did right

Jewish poet Heinrich Heine wrote 190 years ago, "Them that begin by burning books, end by burning men."

Raphael, just to let you know that I am with you and your family all the way. Schiffman, Cargill, West, Gibson and company are vandals and cowards.

You did right to defend your father's views which are largely mine also.  Given the opposition, you took the only route to bring this matter to a head.  The issues you raised are vital to the origins of Judaism and Christianity.  They were in danger of being swept under the carpet, for who knows how long.

Scott Greenfield, Simple Justice - A New York Criminal Defence Blog, wrote here:
"Much like the Lori Drew prosecution, ultimately tossed for lack of a crime, this was a case that should never have been prosecuted. NYU professor Lawrence Schiffman, the putative victim of Golb's impersonation, claimed that he didn't want Gold prosecuted. Yet after the verdict, he has this to say:

He said in a statement Thursday that he was appreciative of the work on the case.  "Let us hope that the field of Dead Sea Scrolls research can get back to its real business — interpreting the ancient scrolls and explaining their significance for the history of Judaism and the background of early Christianity," he said.

He's disgraced himself amongst the dead sea scroll scholars by using a criminal prosecution to shut down his most vocal critic. He's now disgraced himself again within the academic community by ignoring that the issue arose from his having shut out Norman Golb from the scholarly dialogue, even denying Golb access to the scrolls lest he find something that undercuts Schiffman's claims.

For those of us less concerned with the dead sea scrolls per se (though who isn't, really), the implications of this conviction are broad and disastrous. If playing with a sockpuppet on the internet, no harm done beyond some hurt feelings, is enough to land you in prison, we've got a lot of potential felons out there taking some major risks for a few laughs or to get the upperhand on an argument. The rough and tumble of the internet is no longer an issue of free speech, but hurt feelings. Read it and weep. We are all in some serious trouble now."

When Schiffman said "let us hope" who did he mean by "us"?  Schiffman, Cargill, Gibson and West and the pro-Qumran clique just want the Scrolls for themselves.  Its the old story all over again, and its also full of hypocrisy.  It sounds as though Norman Golb won't get a look-in.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Schiffman said, "NYU took the bogus 'confession' seriously enough to mount an investigation"

The New York Post wrote here: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/accused_dead_trial_scrolls_identity_EGuHNd1T8NVwbZlU5L1oOJ:

This was no innocent little spoof," said Schiffman in a telephone interview today. Golb had allegedly gone online posing as Schiffman -- sending out emails to as many as 400 academic colleagues in a single day in which he purportedly "confessed" to being a plagiarist.  NYU took the bogus 'confession' seriously enough to mount an investigation, Schiffman said. "If I had been found guilty, I would have lost my job, my tenure, my reputation and my livelihood," Schiffman said. "You can call it a game all you want," he added, "but that doesn't mean anything. Russian Roulette is a game too."

So NYU mounted an investigation and found you innocent of plagiarism.  Well it would hardly have been an independent investigation, would it?  We only have your word for it in any case, don't we?  If they did conduct an investigation, was it thorough?

You see this as a game, and a pretty serious one at that, like Russian Roulette you say, a game that could have resulted in the loss of your job, your tenure, your reputation and your livelihood.  But was it as bad as all that?  We have no evidence of that. Are you not using the tactics of an academic bully, frightened of losing face?

What has Raphael Golb done?

1. Has he revealed to the public a conspiracy between an academic clique and museum directors to keep Norman Golb's views hidden from the public?

2. Has he made the public aware of Norman Golb's view that the Scrolls were of Jerusalem origin?

3. Has he brought to the public's mind questions about museum exhibitions and academic ethics?

4. Has he written using polite language?

5. Has he revealed yours and the academic clique's disgusting behaviour towards Norman Golb?

I think he has.

Jewish poet Heinrich Heine wrote 190 years ago,  "Them that begin by burning books, end by burning men."

Raphael, just to let you know that I am with you and your family all the way.  Schiffman, Cargill, West,  Gibson and company are vandals.   

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Who is a real cyber-bully? And who is simply a bully?

Robert Cargill is a cyber-bully because of his relentless campaign on the internet against Raphael Golb, and implicitly, Norman Golb.

Lawrence Schiffman is a bully because of the way he has disdainfully treated Norman Golb and Raphael Golb.

They are believing bullies who are sure of their own righteousness.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Robert Cargill's Article on Professional Conduct in the Academy - It's Absolute Hypocrisy


I find it hard to believe anyone would write this kind of naive, sentimental rubbish.  Cargill is suffering from delusions.  The Academy is red in tooth and claw.  The worst, like Schiffman, jealously guard their reputation, at the expense of others. Better to have it all out there, in the public domain!

Cargill works on the principle "I'll scratch your back if you'll scratch mine", and more than likely the mutual groomers will have a Catholic christian background.  The Secretary of the Albright Institute, of which Edward Wright is the President, is none other than William M. Schniedewind,  Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, UCLA, under whom Cargill completed his supposed doctorate.

And of course, Cargill has not hesitated in his holier than thou condemnation of Raphael Golb.  Cargill is like the Pharisee, who supposedly said: ‘I thank you God that I am not grasping, unjust, adulterous like the rest of mankind, and especially that I am not like this tax-collector here’.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

A Clincher

Norman Golb wrote (Page 152 of Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls):

"For by no stretch of the imagination could it be thought that, even over two centuries, as many as four or five hundred scribes had worked in the room that de Vaux had so confidently labeled a "scriptorium", or that groups of twenty or thirty such scribes would be gathered at any one time in such a harsh desert location, removed from the very city whose inhabitants would have been the main readers of the scrolls they were ostensibly producing."

Thus over 500 different scribal handwritings have been identified on the manuscripts found in the caves around Qumran.  The Scrolls were never produced at Qumran.  They were of Jerusalem origin. Given this large number of scribes, any other explanation is impossible.  So Jodi Magness, Lawrence Schiffman, Robert Cargill and others had better think again.

Friday, September 03, 2010

The Hypocrites (From Jim West's Blog) - It takes one to know one

Quote of the Year: On The Scoundrelism of Anonymity  
September 2, 2010
Jim   http://zwingliusredivivus.wordpress.com/2010/09/02/quote-of-the-year/

“Anonymity, that shield for every kind of literary scoundrelism, must disappear. The pretext for its introduction into literary periodicals was that it protected honest critics from the wrath of authors and their patrons. But for every case of this kind there are a hundred cases where it serves merely to allow complete irresponsibility to reviewers who would be unable to defend what they write, or even to conceal the shame of those so venal and abject as to recommend books to the public in exchange for a tip from their publisher. It often merely serves to cloak the obscurity, incompetence and insignificance of the reviewer. It is unbelievable what impudence these fellows are capable of, and from what degree of literary knavery they will not shrink, once they know themselves secure in the shadow of anonymity.” - Schopenhauer

JW wrote:

"Well said, S., well said indeed! With thanks to Mark R. for sending it to me. By the way, that’s the same expression that’s always on my face too."

N T Wrong (Jeffrey Gibson - the grand master of aliases) commented:
"I agree, its disgraceful".
They mock!  But watch their lips.

Why has Norman Golb been such a target all these years?

Galileo supported the idea of Copernicus, that the sun was at the centre of the universe.  He was pilloried for it by the Roman Inquisitition and forced to recant.  The rest of the world continued to believe that the earth was at the centre.

It is like that with the Norman Golb and the Scrolls.  He has a theory that Qumran was a fortress and that the Scrolls were not written at Qumran but were brought from Jerusalem, and that they represented a cross-section of Jewish ideas.  It seems that much of the world does not take this at all kindly.  The consequences of accepting his views would be too great.

Like Galileo, Norman Golb will be remembered when others who are seemingly important are long forgotten.

Of course, Galileo and Copernicus were both wrong, but they were not to know how the universe was arranged.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Lawrence Schiffman and Robert Cargill Must Have Known the Source of the E-mails Before Going to the Police

Given his background with Norman Golb, one could conclude that an intelligent person like Lawrence Schiffman must surely have known who was behind the e-mails, before going to the police.  Cargill obviously knew before he went to the police.  Cargill's friendship with Schiffman makes it extremely likely that he reported his findings to Schiffman in advance of both going to the police.  And you can take it for granted that Cargill's friends, Gibson and West, also knew in advance of the police. 

This boils down to one thing.   These were academics bent on suppressing Norman Golb and his ideas.  Raphael was their opportunity.  They knew who it was.  But they didn't make the soundings that they could have done to the Golb family. I consider their behaviour utterly disgusting.

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