Saturday, September 04, 2010

A Clincher

Norman Golb wrote (Page 152 of Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls):

"For by no stretch of the imagination could it be thought that, even over two centuries, as many as four or five hundred scribes had worked in the room that de Vaux had so confidently labeled a "scriptorium", or that groups of twenty or thirty such scribes would be gathered at any one time in such a harsh desert location, removed from the very city whose inhabitants would have been the main readers of the scrolls they were ostensibly producing."

Thus over 500 different scribal handwritings have been identified on the manuscripts found in the caves around Qumran.  The Scrolls were never produced at Qumran.  They were of Jerusalem origin. Given this large number of scribes, any other explanation is impossible.  So Jodi Magness, Lawrence Schiffman, Robert Cargill and others had better think again.

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