Friday, September 03, 2010

The Hypocrites (From Jim West's Blog) - It takes one to know one

Quote of the Year: On The Scoundrelism of Anonymity  
September 2, 2010

“Anonymity, that shield for every kind of literary scoundrelism, must disappear. The pretext for its introduction into literary periodicals was that it protected honest critics from the wrath of authors and their patrons. But for every case of this kind there are a hundred cases where it serves merely to allow complete irresponsibility to reviewers who would be unable to defend what they write, or even to conceal the shame of those so venal and abject as to recommend books to the public in exchange for a tip from their publisher. It often merely serves to cloak the obscurity, incompetence and insignificance of the reviewer. It is unbelievable what impudence these fellows are capable of, and from what degree of literary knavery they will not shrink, once they know themselves secure in the shadow of anonymity.” - Schopenhauer

JW wrote:

"Well said, S., well said indeed! With thanks to Mark R. for sending it to me. By the way, that’s the same expression that’s always on my face too."

N T Wrong (Jeffrey Gibson - the grand master of aliases) commented:
"I agree, its disgraceful".
They mock!  But watch their lips.

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