Thursday, September 02, 2010

Lawrence Schiffman and Robert Cargill Must Have Known the Source of the E-mails Before Going to the Police

Given his background with Norman Golb, one could conclude that an intelligent person like Lawrence Schiffman must surely have known who was behind the e-mails, before going to the police.  Cargill obviously knew before he went to the police.  Cargill's friendship with Schiffman makes it extremely likely that he reported his findings to Schiffman in advance of both going to the police.  And you can take it for granted that Cargill's friends, Gibson and West, also knew in advance of the police. 

This boils down to one thing.   These were academics bent on suppressing Norman Golb and his ideas.  Raphael was their opportunity.  They knew who it was.  But they didn't make the soundings that they could have done to the Golb family. I consider their behaviour utterly disgusting.

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