Sunday, September 12, 2010

Schiffman said, "NYU took the bogus 'confession' seriously enough to mount an investigation"

The New York Post wrote here:

This was no innocent little spoof," said Schiffman in a telephone interview today. Golb had allegedly gone online posing as Schiffman -- sending out emails to as many as 400 academic colleagues in a single day in which he purportedly "confessed" to being a plagiarist.  NYU took the bogus 'confession' seriously enough to mount an investigation, Schiffman said. "If I had been found guilty, I would have lost my job, my tenure, my reputation and my livelihood," Schiffman said. "You can call it a game all you want," he added, "but that doesn't mean anything. Russian Roulette is a game too."

So NYU mounted an investigation and found you innocent of plagiarism.  Well it would hardly have been an independent investigation, would it?  We only have your word for it in any case, don't we?  If they did conduct an investigation, was it thorough?

You see this as a game, and a pretty serious one at that, like Russian Roulette you say, a game that could have resulted in the loss of your job, your tenure, your reputation and your livelihood.  But was it as bad as all that?  We have no evidence of that. Are you not using the tactics of an academic bully, frightened of losing face?

What has Raphael Golb done?

1. Has he revealed to the public a conspiracy between an academic clique and museum directors to keep Norman Golb's views hidden from the public?

2. Has he made the public aware of Norman Golb's view that the Scrolls were of Jerusalem origin?

3. Has he brought to the public's mind questions about museum exhibitions and academic ethics?

4. Has he written using polite language?

5. Has he revealed yours and the academic clique's disgusting behaviour towards Norman Golb?

I think he has.

Jewish poet Heinrich Heine wrote 190 years ago,  "Them that begin by burning books, end by burning men."

Raphael, just to let you know that I am with you and your family all the way.  Schiffman, Cargill, West,  Gibson and company are vandals.   

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