Sunday, October 03, 2010

Robert Cargill, hypocrite?

Cargill, is this right what Eve Scherr wrote?  "Even Robert Cargill, after saying he never did, in cross-examination, when asked about specific online pseudonyms, admitted that they were his."  And yet you gave the impression that you had nothing to do with pseudonyms. You wrote: "UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE DO I DIALOG, BL...OG, OR RESPOND TO ANONYMOUS PEOPLES HIDING IN THE SHADOWS, NOT HERE, NOT ANYWHERE. THANK YOU."
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So you don't dialogue with people who use psuedonyms, and yet you seem to use them yourself, and worse you accuse Raphael Golb of doing what he actually admits to. Did you actually use the name "Raphael Joel"?  So the adjunct professor is a "spouter of lies".  Isn't this a reflection of your underhand character and hypocrisy?  When is the so-called archaeologist, going to do some archaeology?

You admitted under oath that you arranged with the curator of the San Diego Scrolls exhibit, Risa Levitt Kohn to avoid making any mention of either Norman Golb or his theory in the exhibit?  Was this your response to Norman Golb's scholarly critique of the exhibit?

You acknowledged under oath, that you cited Magen Broshi's words to the effect that Norman Golb would only stop "harassing" the world of Scrolls scholarship when "he was dead". This was at an SBL session you organized on the "Case of Raphael Golb", with an approving group of listeners?