Friday, October 23, 2015

The Attack in 63 BCE on the Temple by Herod to keep Hyrcanus King (Pompey's War was a later Roman Editor's Myth)

The date of 63 BCE has been regarded by all scholars as being the end of Hasmonean rule in Judea and the beginning of direct Roman rule.  Defeat of the Jews by Pompey and Roman rule from this date is a myth created by later Roman editors.   It was Herod who defeated the forces of Antigonus and thus kept his future father-in-law as king.  Herod although not a Hasmonean was to maintain the Hasmonean traditions in a continuous line of kings that ran from Judas the Maccabean up to 66 CE.  

From the time of Judas, the priests were disenfranchised, thrown out of the temple, writing their Scrolls in secret.  The Scrolls were later captured by the kings and kept under lock and key.   The priests later ransacked Agrippa's archives and deposited the Scrolls in the Judean desert.