Thursday, December 24, 2015

Larry's multiple "bad guy" reports of Nero

Larry, don’t you think that the historians mockery of Nero had its origins in the jealousy of later emperors who of course could influence others with a heavy hand?

How could later emperors be jealous of Nero?? He hardly had a good reputation to be jealous of! When you have multiple “bad-guy” reports, it’s hard simply to write them off.

Geoff (Not published by Larry)
Larry, but the multiple “bad guy” reports were written by the employees of the Flavian emperors shortly after Nero’s death. Was it 14 years Nero was emperor? Yet I cannot recall one sign of any assassination attempt, so the populace at least must have been satisfied with him. And anyone who takes part in chariot racing on a circuit must be extremely brave, to be admired, and no mean athlete, don’t you agree? Just the sort of person to lead an army!  Given his passion for the arts and music it seems as though he was a very well balanced fellow indeed. The reputation of the Flavians is badly tarnished by what they did with the spoils from the temple, and that with no reprimand from any historian of the time.  Do you believe the history handed down to us by such people?